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Logan went back to his mom's Thursday afternoon, so Mr. Hercules and I are alone in the apartment. I miss the little guy, but I am excited about getting back to being a newlywed.

Ty has been going through some pictures on his computer and cleaning things up over the past week or so, which has inspired me to do the same. Ty is a Type 3 (have you tried Energy Profiling?), so he is going through things to be organized, clean things up, know where things are at. I'm a Type 2, so my purpose of going through pictures was more to connect things from my past to where I am now, to go back and reminisce. And, as typical to me, it has inspired a wanderlust in me.

Yesterday, Ty showed me pictures from a week-long motorcycle trip he and his dad took last summer. They went through Colorado, up to Wyoming, through Yellowstone, up to Mount Rushmore, and back. Of course I was jealous. (To be fair, I didn't even know him then...) And really want to take a trip now. Just him, me, my camera, and some licorice and soda. I've survived on less.


Also, it's tornado season. I always get antsy and want to go chase something this time of year.

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  1. I am feeling so much the same... I think it's in our blood to wander...

    Sometimes I want to scream because I feel stuck in one place too long :)

    Once this baby comes, maybe I can explore some more...

  2. Ann says:

    come explore out here...lots of great places to get lost :)


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