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Blissful Things

I'm not feeling well today, and feel a little ornery as well, so I am making a list of blissful things to cheer me up a little bit.


This is the MOST delicious lotion I have ever used. It's from one of my favorite Etsy shops (if you don't Etsy, oh darling you are missing out! Jessie, you know you need to open a shop, right?), bodappetit.  I pulled it out this morning and it made me immensely happy.

Clean sheets (I will have this in a couple of hours!!) and a comfy bed (no, sadly, this is not our bed)

This stuff. Mmmm boy--hot or cold, it's amazing! (Consult the tea leaves if you need some entertainment)
Priscilla Ahn. Listen to "Dream," "Rain," and "Lost" and you will be happy, I promise.


Bold, cute, happy earrings. I wear these all the time. (from here)

Good books.


These people--we've added a few to the family since last summer :)


This guy
There. I feel a little better, don't you?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Good job! It always helps me to look at the good things... I do need to open an etsy shop... For sure...

    Do you know that by the end of Aug we will have 5 new people added to the fam this year? Awesome!

    Love you! Hope you have a better day...

  2. Ann says:

    oooo...I want that bed :)

  3. Elaine says:

    While you are going to Etsy, check out JoLyn's stuff! Sometime I will have to send you the link for her store. I've forgotten it right now. :D


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