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Stormy Weather

So the weather yesterday was insane. I { loved } it. Rainy, full of crazy storms, lightning, thunder, the whole-shebang! I sent my family some pictures that I took of the storm--if we'd have been in Colorado still, I'm sure it would have turned into a tornado.

Mom told me to submit them to the news, so I did. I didn't watch the news, because I was scrubbing out a dryer filled with purple and yellow crayon (that's a whole 'nuther story...), but Mom called me and said one of my pictures was on the news!

Check it out here:

Video Courtesy of

My profile didn't update to my married name, but it's still pretty awesome! :) Here's the rest of the pictures:

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  1. Ann says:

    such amazing pictures!

  2. These are incredible!


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