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I can't sleep.

This doesn't happen often anymore, so it's a little strange. (luckily I only have to work half a day tomorrow and can rest the rest of the afternoon, especially since I've been sick the last few days)

I spent nearly a decade as quite the insomniac, until I met Ty. Then, just as my mother promised would happen after I met the right man, I started to sleep.

Tonight, he's laying here asleep next to me while I look at pictures from the last couple of weeks, and I listen to my favorite Mumford and Sons, and Matthew Perryman Jones songs.

{I'm sharing one of my most favorite M&S songs here }

I already posted a picture for Photo Monday, but thought I would share a few more.

(isn't my mother the most beautiful woman?)

{ frosting in her hair from making cookies with Grandpa }

4 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    I can't sleep tonight either...

  2. Ruth says:

    You are a great photographer!

  3. Looooove the picture of Joe throwing Kathy! (I might have to steal it)....
    They're totally turning into BFF's :)


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