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We've got so many pictures from our trip to Thailand, I decided to break them down between several posts.

We arrived in Bangkok Sunday night around 11 p.m. We were instantly hit with a wave of heat, humidity, and a smell I will never forget (and have grown to love): curry, cigarettes, and sweat.

On the plane on our way across the Pacific!

Our hotel in Bangkok. The NICEST people work there
(yes, this was a VERY yellow room!)

The view outside our hotel room. Yes, there was a parking lot under us. It wasn't very loud, though, especially since the hotel spa was on the other side.

There are food vendors EVERYWHERE on the side of the road in Bangkok. We weren't brave enough to try them, even though they smelled SO good... We did eat from a fruit vendor, though.

Bangkok, Oriental city!
And the city don't know what the city is getting
The creme de la creme of the chess world in a 
Show with everything but Yul Brynner!
(and I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine!) 

{ shame on you if you don't know that song! }

A Wat. (Not sure which one. Temples over there are called "Wats") 

The train station. I will tell you the story of that little gem later...

The cute little vehicle in the center is called a "tuk-tuk" (pronounced "took-took"). We had the best driver when we road in one! It's basically a motorcycle with covered seats on the back.

Traffic in Bangkok is... an experience. There are no speed limits (unless you're at the airport), the lines on the road are just a suggestion, and there are no crosswalks for pedestrian. And, shockingly, no road rage! If you come too close to someone (i.e., about 2 inches--I'm not joking), they honk to let you know they are there, and life moves on smoothly.


They wouldn't let me take home a monk. Or a monkey. :( 

We got to watch them work on restoring these paintings. 

We shopped, wandered, bartered, and searched for a killer place to eat. We found this great hole-in-the-wall place with THE BEST food I have ever had in my life--so simple, so amazing. We decided I am going to learn to cook Thai.

We had a hotel in Bangkok for the full two weeks we were in the country, so we were able to leave some things and pack lighter for the other flight and train ride that we had planned for our trip.

Next stop, Hua Hin!
{ aren't you excited? }

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  1. Ann says:

    okay, i ate a pound of ice cream while reading....

    These are amazing! It makes me just awed at all of the different lives lived on this world. So amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So amazing! Beautiful!


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