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Catching up

It's been quite the summer.

We've had so much going on, it's been easier to neglect this blog for the time being.

Slowly, things are returning to quiet. 

I find myself ready to start painting again. I've found sketchbooks I'd set aside and forgotten about, then sketches and ideas for photos I wanted to take.

I find myself moving slowly--not cautiously by any means, just softer. Trying to just exist in the moment. Listening to quieter music ("The Long Road" by Eddie Vedder {not the Pearl Jam & Neil Young version} pops up on my playlist quite frequently).

I've sat and thought a lot about priorities. Why some things matter more than others, what things I don't find myself needing anymore and am ready to give up.

One thing we've had to give up lately is wheat. We found out about a month ago that Ty is allergic to wheat, so the cupboards, fridge, pantry, and freezer were turned inside out, purged of anything that could make him sick. Luckily for my husband, I can cook. Also luckily for him, I have an obsession with cook books, and also went through a period in college where doctors believed I had celiac-sprue disease, so I'd been through the process before, and had a basic understanding of what we were up against.

He's handling it much better than I ever did.

We've been experimenting with different recipes, and have successfully made brownies, which is the most important thing besides bread. That will be the next adventure, after my shipment of flours comes in.

We'll keep you all posted. 

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