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Mommy Oops!

When my sister Ann brought her family out to see us, there was a couple of times that the kids ran up to me when my back was turned and said, "Mom!" Then I'd turn around and they'd see my face and realize that I am "Aunt Shotel" instead. A couple of times Munchkin #2 called me "Mommy Oops!" Now, to show the similarities of my sister and I, I'm posting these pictures. I think it's the fake red scary rocker hair that brought on the "oops!" part lol We had a grand time, anyway ;)

I showed a guy I work with our family picture, and he replied "I take it you're the black sheep of the family?" I laughed back, "Why yes, how can you tell?" He said, "Oh, just a guess..."

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  1. Betsy B says:

    I think you're a black sheep in... well, sheep's clothing, I guess. You are so much more than anyone would guess from viewing you out of context. Just a quick way weird question, but did your sister marry a guy named Tory? It has to be the smallest world if the red-head standing next to her was really Tory. He'd know me if that was the case and if it is you should tell him hi for me and tell him I think he married into a great family. If not, you can tell him that anyway...

  2. matt says:

    In my humble opinion, you're not a black sheep by any means; just someone that adds some flavor and new ideas to the family! You're great Chantile! -- Your bud

  3. Ann says:

    LOL :) That was too funny. :) They love you!

  4. Yes Betsy, that's Tory! That's cool that you know him!! :) Did you meet him at USU?

  5. kannie says:

    That is so cute!!! (And variety is the spice of *family* life, too! ;-) And how fun to be "Mommy Oops" for a while, LOL - I always think it's fun when kids think you're their mom!

  6. Christine says: sweet husband is popular! I mean really, who would not love Tory? He's like, the best thing ever. Better than ice cream even. I like him even more than I like shrimp! I know, that's saying a lot. lol

    Your blog reminded me of this time I was in the store. This little guy comes running up behind me and grabs onto my hand. I looked down at him just as he looked up at me, only to discover that I was not his mother. The look on the poor kid's face was just about the most frightened sad face I've seen! But it was kind of funny nonetheless. :)


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