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Fall is coming.

I wore a sweater to work yesterday. Of course, for me that's nothing new or exciting, because I'm always cold and always wear sweaters.

But yesterday it was different. There was a crispness in the air, and I felt excited (and a little bad that I felt excited, because Ty has to work outside in it all day). I was glad I followed my intuition and grabbed the bulky knit sweater in the closet instead of the lighter one I was going to take with me.

I threw it on with enthusiasm as I stepped outside, silently giggling at the people in shorts walking by. Didn't they know it was the first day of September? Don't they feel the change, the excitement the earth feels?

As I was driving to work, I thought of one of my favorite fall quotes, by Charlotte Fiske:

The heart of Autumn must have broken here,
And poured its treasure out upon the leaves.

 I even brought tea to work with me. (Ok, so that isn't unusual either. I always drink tea--Jer, I PROMISE as soon as I get a break from work, I am mailing your package!!!). But yesterday and today, I brought it in my bright, red, happy tea mug. The one I save just for days like this.

I can't wait for full-blown authentic fall. :)

When I saw Ty at lunch yesterday, he told me as we were walking out to the car, "I love you, but you look like an actor coming out of rehab." I laughed pretty hard and asked why he thought that, and he said with the big bulky sweater on, and the huge sunglasses (I had a migraine! I was hiding from light!), I looked like I was hiding from the paparazzi.

My coworker took a picture of me yesterday. Maybe Ty was right?....
(yes, the sunglasses stayed on most of the day. I had a migraine! And keep in mind, I was being silly in the pictures... I really don't stand around like that :) lol)

5 Responses so far.

  1. I love the fall too.... Can't wait :)

  2. Adam says:

    I enjoy your -unique- styles.

    I can't say unique anymore because Jess and I totally saw someone walking down State St in Orem yesterday that looked exactly like you when you were a redhead.

    Huzzah for fall!

  3. Chantile says:

    I have a doppelganger??? How cool!! :) And to be in the same state, too! I was confused for someone in Alaska once... which is cool except I'm not named Stephanie and I've never been to Alaska... lol

  4. Ann says:

    you should definitely stand like that on a more regular basis. :)

  5. Elaine says:

    Hmm, maybe there are 3 of you. You look like your Aunt Mary Ewell in these pics. People used to mix her and I up when she lived here (she had blond hair, I have red). You with red hair, does that mean you looked like me?
    I love you and miss you and all your family! I can't wait to meat Ty!


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