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You know you're loved when... have a hormone-induced breakdown Sunday night, and your loving husband gathers you up in his arms and cuddles with you in bed until you stop crying, and after that says, "Why don't you pick a movie and we'll just sit here until you feel better?"  And you, amid your sniffles, reply, "I would, but anything I pick will have Orlando Bloom in it." (and your husband DESPISES Orlando Bloom. Literally. He thinks he's a scrawny gay elf-man.) And then your amazing Husband Of Greatness (yes, I know it spells out HOG, but he calls me WOG--we had a good giggle over this the other day) says, "For you, I will watch Orlando Bloom."

Now that's love, people.

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  1. Adam says:

    I just lost all respect for Cpt. Awesome. The next time I see him I will be taking a corner from his Man Card.

    jk, lol :)


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