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Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic. This last weekend was the first one I didn't spend out of town in the last month, and since Mr. Hercules and I spent Wednesday to Friday home sick, it was nice to have a break and not go anywhere.

Saturday was lovely. We "slept in" to about 8:45 after being awake until 3 a.m. early Saturday morning (an event deserving it's own post, I assure you--let's just say a certain blogger was irritated at her loud neighbors @ 1:14 in the morning, and finally called police. Who didn't leave the neighbor's apartment until 3 a.m. Yep. It was a great night!). My brother came and shared breakfast with us, and while I stood over the stove making eggs, cinnamon french toast, and bacon, rain began to pour beautifully outside--in the same instant that "Keep Us" (if you've read long, you know how much that song means to me) by Peter Bradley Adams came on.

It was the perfect morning.

A line from "Vapour Trail" by Trespassors William (originally performed by Ride) stayed in my head all day:

And all my time is yours as much as mine,
We never have enough, time to show our love

I try to be a good wife, a good friend, but it makes me think: what could I do better to show my love?

**if I promised you a treat for reading my 200th post, it will be in the mail shortly! :) thanks for being patient!**

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  1. Sorry you have been sick! I have been thinking about you! Hope you recover fully soon, and TY is ok! Love you so much!

  2. Ann says:

    glad you're back :) we'll chat soon!


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