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Hollow me out

How do I live when you're not here?
Pain lives me, a wound speaks with my mouth.
And when you return? Only you know
How you hollow me out and dance in the hollow.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

This week I've been cleaning up my computer and sorting through things, which honestly means I've been saying to myself, "Oh, I forgot I had that!"

Mr. Hercules and I are 2 different energy types. I am a Type 2* and he's a Type 1**, but acts like 3***a lot.  We talk about this often, and have found it useful to be able understand why we are the way we are. On Friday night Ty was asking me if I knew where my sewing tape measure was. Of course, you'd think it would be in my sewing box, so I went to look there. Nope. So, next logical place would be my dresser drawer (don't ask why, it makes sense to me). Not there either. Mr. Hercules stood there somewhat bemused, and said, "Well, where do you think you would have put it?" Next was a drawer on my computer desk (Type 2's like our piles and places. Our organization may not make sense to anyone else, but it does to us!). Not there, either. Ty finally found it (can't really remember where, now...) and asked me why I don't put things back in the same place every time. I told him because 1-it is boring that way, and 2-I like to have mini-adventures in my life, and I think that when I put something down, if I can't find again, I'll find it when I need it most, and if I don't and stumble over it again somewhere down the road, it's exciting because it's something you had forgotten you even had. (This happens to me with clothes and shoes a lot. It's like shopping for free!)

Which is probably why he keeps asking me where I put things after I fold his laundry. It's all generally in the same place... but it's not nearly as exciting his way.

But back to the original purpose of this post--it all makes sense to me, can't you keep up?--cleaning up the computer. In the midst of all of that cleaning and "finding," I've been looking at our wedding pictures a lot. This week I've also been trying to refocus my gratitude, for many things in my life, but especially for Tyson. 

We've been married for almost 6 months now (seems like SO much longer!). He mentioned the other night while I was cooking dinner, that everyone says that the first year is the hardest. I felt a little glum after he said that, until he finished with--"but this has been the easiest, best time I've ever had." :)

(I will hold him, and love him and squeeze him and call George!)

I love my Mister. :) I swear he's psychic. Whenever I need chocolate, he magically shows up at work with some, or has some waiting for me at home. He's been the only guy to let me play Halo with him without trying to kill my character and laugh about it. He puts up with my shoe addiction. He tells me he loves me about 25 times a day (literally), and wakes me up in the morning with hugs and kisses. I feel like an absolute goddess with him. 

And we've got an amazing chocolate chip cookie tag-team. I make the dough, he bakes the cookies. Can life get any better? :) 

We haven't been able to spend as many weekends together in the past month, mostly because one or the other of us has been out of town, or he's been working. It's the best thing in the world to be hugged Lennie-style and be told how much you were missed and loved.

*Water--fluid, comfort, muted--think of sitting under a weeping willow next to a flowing river
 **Air--buoyant, free, bright, upward--think of a dolphin
***Fire--textured, angular, substantial, dynamic--these are the "get it done" people

5 Responses so far.

  1. I love that you live your life together as a great tag team.... I'm so glad the first year is amazing! Means what's next will be cake! :) Love you!

  2. Ann says:

    ahhh...that post made me happy :) Gotta love Rumi, gotta love Ty, gotta love YOU :)

  3. jerolyn says:

    cute, cute, cute!!!!

  4. Krista says:

    *happy sigh* I know I haven't commented in like, ... FOREVER... but this is just such a great post. I LOVE all your recent posts!!! :) You are wonderful!!! :)

    ... also, "YOU are GREAT!" ;)

  5. Chantile says:

    Krista--YOU are Great. You are amazing. :) I love reading your posts, because it gives me a new perspective to think about, even when we don't agree. :) I love how you love Kiddo, and the good example that you are to him! :) It's because of mothers like you that this world will be ok :)

    Also, be watching your mail soon :) :)


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