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When I was little, I thought my mother was crazy.

Not talking to people in her head, painting the walls bright pink and orange, crazy; but still.

You see, she told me that sometimes when she was younger, she would eat an avocado for lunch.

An avocado!

I like guacamole. But to eat just the avocado? Was she serious?

When we were in California, Ty took me to the most amazing sushi place, Kawa Sushi. At said amazing sushi place, there is the Bruce Lee roll. (There is also a Chuck Norris roll!)

It was honestly THE BEST sushi I have ever had in my life. It looked delicious, tasted divine, and then I noticed the avocado...

And loved it.

Since then, avocados have been in the back of my mind. What would it be like to eat an avocado by itself, anyway? Several times since we came home I have looked for them at the store, but couldn't ever find them. Until Monday. Then I found my avocado. It has been sitting on my table, patiently waiting (unlike myself) to ripen and be ready to eat.

Finally, last night, I cut my avocado in half, put a little salt on top, sat on the couch, and devoured it. I had to stop and call my mom, apologizing for thinking she was crazy all these years. She laughed and was gracious about it, as she always is. :)

Sitting there, delighting in the buttery goodness, I remembered what I had known since I was a little girl: my mother is absolutely brilliant. 

{ can you guess what I had with my lunch today? }

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    smart lady, indeed :)

  2. I love that for lunch as well... And I love Mom :) She's the best...


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