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a new addition to the family

{ no, I'm not pregnant }

I needed a new chair.

My old one was great, and pink, and very happy.

Alas, it wasn't comfy. At all. My back hurt after awhile of sitting in it, and I avoided the computer quite a bit when I got home

{ have you noticed the lack of posting lately? that is why }

It's my fault, really. I picked the happy pink chair.

Mr. Hercules has been playing the beta-testing version of Star Trek Online 

{ awesome! }

and wanted me to play, too
{ I wanted me to play, too }

So he decided it was time to buy me a new chair.

We ventured out into the cold and gloom to Staples, where I promptly picked the first chair I saw
{ this is also how I picked the happy pink chair }

Mr. Hercules said to look around some more. So we looked. We sat.  I went back to the first chair I saw.

{ it was squishy and full of awesome }

I told Mr. Hercules I would put the chair together myself

{ I even sang a welcome to the apartment, chair! song }

I put the chair together! I was so proud of myself!

I followed the directions.

But still, something didn't look right....

{ this is not how the chair is supposed to work }

So Mr. Hercules smiled sweetly { and laughed }

{ I laughed, too }

and fixed my chair

Now I have a lovely new gaming chair!

And, yes, STO is freakin' awesome.

{ just so you know }

4 Responses so far.

  1. That is a VERY lovely chair! :)

  2. Janie says:

    I have a computer chair that looks just like yours. I put it together wrong, too, and had to get the man of the house to fix it for me. Sigh. But he was sweet about it. I think guys like to be needed.
    Hope all is well. I see the writer's group is still meeting.


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