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you're supposed to do your summary of the year in december, but I got lazy

{ january }

january was concert time

{ february }

in february, we cheered during the olympics (most loudly 
for our beloved Apolo Ohno)

{ march }

my newest niece was born in march (she's 10 months old now!), 
and I traveled to Denver to meet her

{ april }

in april, I had surgery for endometriosis, celebrated our first wedding anniversary,
and said goodbye to my brother as he left for two years to
serve as a missionary for our church

{ may }

may meant the return of spring (aka--paintball season),
and celebrating Clint Eastwood's birthday

{ june }

june is always reserved for camping, visiting family, and finally getting
to see Logan

{ july }

in july we watched amazing storms, played lovely silly dress-up games, 
and attended 1st birthday parties

{ august }

in august, we regained our balance, began painting again, and read a lot of books

{september }

in september, we attended a star trek party, had more 1st birthdays, 
tried to grow things again, and visited Denver again for

{ october }

we spent the last half of october in thailand

{ november }

in november, we got ready for christmas and tried to grow more things
(and tried to get better from the nasty plane food that made us sick precious)

{ december }

we spent christmas with my family, and had a wonderful december

I hope everyone else had a wonderful 2010, too!!

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  1. Ann says:

    what a great year!


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