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Phuket & Coral Island

{ we've nearly come to the end of our travels }

We spent the last week in Thailand in Phuket and on Coral Island. I feel homesick for that country already.
(and please be nice and don't leave me nasty comments about 
having already been there and to get over it. I'll delete them.)

After Hua Hin, we took the train back to Bangkok and spent the night. 
The next day we drove to the airport and flew to Phuket.

The food was amazing.

They put humidity into the air so that it wouldn't be dry.

The stewards were nice. 

If you have a chance, (you know, if you're in "the area"), 
you absolutely MUST fly Bangkok Air. HIGHLY recommended
{ Side note: we will NEVER fly United again. }

So we landed in Phuket and found a friendly driver to take us to
our hotel, about an hour away. I fell asleep almost instantly. 

It was worth the drive.

Once again, Ty outdid himself on the hotel.

It was GOREGOUS. It was steps away from the ocean, 
and behind it (up a VERY steep road--
which I shall advise you not to try wearing flip-flops)
was the beach. Dare I say better than the Hua Hin beach.

{ There was a great restaurant next to the hotel. We ate there two or three times }

The tables were made from old sewing machines

Yep. We found Elvis.

I found The Oregeon!

We saw the sweetest little girls feeding the fish
{ they made me miss my nieces }

The next morning, we got up and went on a jungle safari

{ BEES }

Feeding the elephants

Baby elephants!

Learning how curry is made
{ we brought some home for you to try }

A rubber tree

How to shell a coconut

Everybody wants a water buffalo!

Riiight before the monkey stole that guy's sandal and broke it

Naughty little monkeys!

Best tour guide ever!

After our safari, we hopped on a longboat and took off for Coral Island, across the bay,
where we spent 4 days laying on the beach, snorkeling, parasailing,
reading, and relaxing.

Our bungalow on the beach

Exploring the island

Our friend, Lucky. She guarded our beach chairs
In return, we fed her table scraps of delicious food
(She doesn't like curry)

Our first time parasailing

The largest bats I've ever seen (we're guessing they have about a 6-foot wingspan)

We spent the last full day inside the bungalow,
listening to the rain and reading books

Dolphin-boy, our room key.

We hiked around the island and found this sign in front of
a house nestled into the side of the hills on the island.
It started downpouring right after this, so we didn't
get to meet whoever the house belonged to.

The rocks where I found the best seashells for my nieces

Scariest. Crab. Ever. I thought he was dead and then he moved. Scared me to death.

A friendly guest in our room our last night on the island

We left on a quiet morning, and flew back to Bangkok.

It felt so strange, moving from such quiet and relaxation to the hustle and craziness
of normal life. Being in Thailand felt normal, but by the time we flew home,
it was good to be back.

{ I'd go back in a heartbeat. }

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says: time, let's go together.

    I am just in total awe of the beauty. I am awed by your courage and experiences. Really, tonight I am just awed by everything you are. You're amazing. It sounds funny, but I just feel so happy you could take such a beautiful trip. I can't imagine a more deserving soul.

    Side note... the seashells were so loved, I can't wait to show the girls where they came from! Also, I think that dog looks like Riley! Don't you? Perhaps he's come back to watch over were always the only one that was brave enough to handle him. :)

    Love you!

  2. Ann says:

    PS - I may have cried when I saw the Yoga for Congo Women shirt. I'm just saying.


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