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the sick room

Today, I missed the jungles of Thailand. I missed the warm water, the food (oh my heaven, the food....), the smells.

Most importantly, I missed the humid air. 

My little Vick's humidifier just isn't cutting it.
The only thing that comes close is when I'm in the 95 degree, 100% humidity bathroom.

I think it's time to go back to Hua Hin. 

{ the sick room }

We've spent the last week sick, and today I am home by myself, trying not to be bored.

I've been spending my time watching Netflix movies, trying to guess where our next trip will be,
deciding what color to paint our new kitchen 
{ we bought a house! }
cuddling in the new blanket my wonderful husband bought me

drinking tons of tea

and cuddling with Mr. Bacon.

Hopefully we'll feel better soon, because I am really tired of being sick.

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  1. Oh Mr. Bacon :) I've been cuddling with Hims a lot lately. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Krista says:

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling under-the-weather... hope you recover soon! And hey, your eye for photography is unaffected - beautiful! :)


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