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Happy Birthday, Apollo Ono!

Just came back from opening night of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Ok, I know it got poor reviews, and I know I am goo-goo for Harrison Ford, but that was a fun movie. :)

Maybe it's my mood, the dreary weather that I love, or the cute guy that I thought was avoiding me who smiled at me in the parking lot as he drove to the gym and I left Little Caesar 's with a box of cheesy bread that I had no intention of sharing--at any extent, something that's been on my mind lately is how much I hate the term "boyfriend." It seem so puerile, so high school.

At this point, you're wondering what this has to do with Indian Jones. It would be this: I went to the movie expecting to be wooed only by the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg combo, Harrison Ford, and Shia LeBeouf (anyone else see the trailer for "Eagle Eye"? My little Even Stephen's boy has grown up!). I didn't want the pressure of going on a date to see Indy. I wanted to sit back and enjoy it without thinking about anyone, without an attachment to anything but the popcorn tub. I wanted to enjoy it with my friends, and all I can say is that it worked.

Don't go into with with expectations other than to be entertained by a slightly older but still awesome Indy--he may be middle-aged, but he can still use that whip! And with Georgy's writing, you can't expect fantastic dialog : just lean back, enjoy the popcorn, and a little Indiana. Expect some old friends, but have fun with the new ones. You've been waiting for 20 years, remember?

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  1. Ann says:

    The name of your blog reminds me of "Dan in Real Life." Have you seen it yet? :)

  2. No, but I really want to! :) It looks pretty funny--did you like it?

  3. kannie says:

    Oh, allow me to add my recommendation - Dan in Real Life is GREAT!!! I thought it was very different, but I LOVED it. Waiting for it to get a little cheaper again (like the Walmart day-of-release price) before purchasing...

  4. Ann says:

    Wow...I LOVED it. And that's rare these days. There is one innuendo-ridden conversation in it, and one song I hated, but the rest was purely delightful. :)

  5. I'm going to see Iron Man again tonight, but I definitely know what I'm doing tomorrow night, now!! :) thanks for the suggestion! I kinda wanted to see it, but now I definitely will!!


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