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A pirate's life for me

I just got back from playing pirate (yes, literally) for a 2nd grade class. It's so great--I get to leave work, dress up like a pirate, teach small children about the history of piracy, and convince them to join my imaginary pirate crew! :) My favorite part of the day was telling a little girl that yes, she could be a pirate. (She was worried that girls can't be pirates. Bah.) You may now address me as Captain Jules.

So thank you to everyone who has been kind to me through my recent emotional upheaval. Especially my mother, who's only reaction to me shouting along to Goo Goo Dolls and 30 Seconds to Mars at the top of my lungs while stomping around the kitchen making pork chops the other night was, "Thanks for making cupcakes for me!"

I went to see "Prince Caspian" for the second time last night. Watching that made me remember why I love fairy tales so much. (Now I need to go see "Iron Man" again to remember why I love comic books so much... (and Robert Downey, Jr.)...)

"To achieve an ordered society, we have to eliminate the root cause of crime - all the people." -Colbert

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  1. Welcome aboard, me heartie! You are another person who has helped me SO MUCH more than I can ever tell you!!! Thanks for always standing by me--red, blue, or black fingernails (and hair!)--no matter what!! I love you so much!! :) You are welcome aboard me ship anytime ;)

  2. kannie says:

    That must be so fun!!! Love the Colbert quote, too - he & Stewart are really funny! (Not that I agree with all their actual points, but they are FUN-NY!)


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