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Bored @ work...

Long Random Survey(:

Are you ready for this survey?: I was born ready!
What are you currently listening to?: "Always" by Peter Bradley Adams
Do you own an ipod?: Yes
Boy or girl?: Girl
Have you ever skiied?: No
Do you want to skydive?: Yes
How do you fall asleep?: slowly
Is it raining?: No
Do you wear flipflops?: Yes
Myspace or facebook?: Both
Do you do anything illegal?: Stole a sign
Black or Brown?: Black
Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?: no
What color are you walls in your room?: yellow
Are you a republican?: No
What is your favorite food?: Chinese
What are you wearing right now?: hoodie & corduroys
Have you ever died your hair?: yes
Any pericings?: yes
What does the last text message in your inbox say?: "Hey, i never got ur text about the guy..."
Fruit or Veggies?: Fruit
Happiness or Trust?: Trust
Are you a christian?: Yes
Whats your favorite season?: Fall
Do you like icecream?: Yes
What is your mood right now?: morosely optimistic
Have you ever rolled down a hill?: yes
Do you like perfume/ cologne?: Yes
couch/chair?: oversized chair
What is your favorite scent?: lavender
Do you get in trouble a lot?: No
Do you smoke?: No
Have you ever done a backbuster?: no clue what that is...
Dogs or cats?: Dogs
Are you outgoing?: Yes
Who was your 2nd grade teacher?: No clue
Do you believe in true love?: Yes
Do you have a lava lamp?: Yes
Do you keep secrets good?: Yes
Movies or television?: Toss up
Do you chew on your straws?: Yes
Is your hair curly?: naturally wavy
Who is the last person you called?: Danny
Where is your cell phone?: On my desk beside me
Are you a nice person?: Yes
Who is your bestfriend?: Rachael & Devan
Do you have a tatoo?: Nope
Whats your favorite song?: ATM, "32 Flavors" by Ani Difranco
Do you like poptarts?: Yes
What about cheetos?: Only the curly ones
Tape or glue?: depends on my mood
Do you wear jackets?: Yes
What were you thinking when you woke up this morning?: I actually slept all night!
Have you brushed you teeth today?: Twice
Have you ever broken a bone?: No
Do you like apples?: Yes
What is the first "j" under your contacts?: Jak
Do you like picture frames?: Yes
Are you tired of this survey?: No
What are you thinking about?: A CD I want to buy
Whats your favorite holiday?: I like them all
Are you a crafty person?: A bit
Do you own a kite?: No
If yes, do you fly it?: -
Baby names in mind?: Claire
How old are you?: 26
Cows or monkeys?: Monkeys
Are you wearing deoderant?: Yes
What is today?: Tuesday
Who do you like?: Men
Whats your zodiac sign?: Gemini
How old do you think I am?: 14
Do you like the name olivia?: Sort of
Do you have dirty clothes on your floor?: Yes
Do you get along with guys or girls better?: Guys
When is the last time you had sausage?: Can't remember
Do you like shopping?: Depends
Whats the first thing thats comes to mind when you think of the number 8?: Infinity
Are you shy?: No
How many states have you been to?: more than 10, less than 20
Have you cried in the past 24 hours?: Yes
If yes, about what?: fuggetaboudit
Do you have a sense of humor?: Yes
Do you like to draw?: Yes
Goldfish or cheese?: eww
Which name is better shelly or autumn?: Neither one
Do you read the bible?: Yes
Whats your dream job?: Nomadic writer/photographer
Do you lock your doors?: Yes
Two names you go by?: Chani, Lita
Whats your current problem?: Men
Is your cell phone charging?: No
Whats your favorite color?: Blue
Have you had a good day?: Mostly
How many times have you fallen down the stairs?: Too many to count
Do you believe in love at first sight?: No
Hugs or kisses?: Depends on my mood
How do you eat your eggs?: I don't like eggs
Which smiley is cooler? :]? :)?: :)
Are you married?: No
What did you do today?: Work
Rap or pop?: Depends on my mood
What color hair do you have?: Brownish red
Do you watch the stars?: Yes
Is this survey boring?: No
What is your screen name?: chantilita
Is it storming?: Soon to be
Do you like taking showers?: Yes
Do you use limewire?: Yes
Name four random words.: soap, criminal, arch, cap
Do you wish on 11:11?: Yes
Are you bashful?: No
Do you have any heroes?: A few
Do you like peace signs?: Overused
Do you light candles?: Yes
Public or Private?: Private
Do you use itunes?: Yes
Have you ever broke something valuable?: Yes
Crayons or markers?: Crayons
Do you have a mousepad?: Yes
How many pictures have you taken today?: 1
Are you a prince/princess?: Yes
Do you watch game shows?: no
Spell your name with o's instead of a's!: chontilito
Do you like the taste of pepto bismal?: no
Have you seen Hot Rod?: No
Do you like soap or hand sanitizer better?: soap
Jeans or Carpis or Shorts?: jeans
Do you like writing about me's?: no
Do you enjoy running?: yes

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    WOW. You were reeeally bored. :) LOL :)

  2. LOL yes... yes I was... :)


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