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Well, I'm back! I'm sure you're all dying to know how my trip went! It was FANTASTIC!! I had such an amazing time! It was so wonderful to be lazy!

Logan was VERY excited about getting to ride on the airplane! He was also pretty upset that "the snowing is broken!" and there was no snow on the ground.

Logan and "Shown-tel!"

Driving to San Fransisco

Ty took me to Pier 39. We saw a magic show, looked around the shops (where I got hit on by a girl), and ate at Bubba Gumps. You could see Alcatraz from our table! (You can't see it, but he's sticking his tongue out at me lol)

"The Rock"

A lighthouse at the pier

A beach near Half Moon Bay

My first beach! :)

I love this man...

Playing with Logan at his grandmas

John and Rachel, Ty's sister and brother-in-law. They were so much fun! I really liked them :)

We were trying to get a good picture of Logan and Ty, but Logan wouldn't sit still long enough to do much lol It amazes me how much Logan looks like his dad (who is gorgeous, not that I'm biased!). I love them both more than anything!

It was such a great vacation, although Ty and I both got sick. I got really sick on Thursday, but was feeling a little better when Ty took me to San Fransisco on Friday. But then I lost my voice and was coughing up my livers Saturday, and have been sick since. I'm finally feeling a little better this afternoon--due, I'm sure, to Logan's attentive care. He brought me cheese the first day--"Eat cheese. You feel better." Then blueberries, chocolate milk, soda... on the way home from Salt Lake, I was feeling really sick, and he told me when I got home he'd get me a blanket, and I would need to close my eyes. We even practiced lol

It was a fantastic trip, so stress-free. I had such a great time with Tyson, and was really glad to get to know Logan better. We're pretty good buddies now :) I'm glad I got to go!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    Looks wonderful!!! :) So glad you got to go!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast and it sounds like you are very twitterpated! Yay! How fun!

  3. kannie says:

    Yay!!! So glad you had such a great trip - what a wonderful time! :-) Hope you continue your recovery... :-)

  4. I love San Fran!! It is such a great city! I am glad you got to go have a great time! :o) Miss you! Love ME!!!PS I sleept in your bed...while you were gone! so you didn't know! :o)


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