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The Honeymooners - Part 2

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, at the end of a lovely day at the Animal Kingdom. On to Day 3!

We spent Day 3 at the Hollywood Studios park.

I think we rode the Tower of Terror about 3 or 4 times... 
 As close as we could get to Vader!

Yep, that's my husband!
One of the coolest things we did was to watch the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (Tory, you would have LOVED it!!). They picked "extras" for the show out of the audience. As soon as they said that, Ty and I looked at each other, and I told him "give me the camera..." and he was picked next. (It did help that he jumped up and down waving his arms shouting "Me! Me! Me!" lol)
So, after being chosen to be an "extra," Ty went off-stage with the other extras to get into costume.  While that was going on, the show began....
Name that movie!
I must say, the guy playing Indy was pretty cute! (sorry baby! lol) Ty said he had red hair... lol.. not very Indy-like!
 Indy explaining just how "heavy" the props are... The giant ball takes "20 men!" to roll back up the hill. *coughmorelike2cough*

I don't have the video of Ty's death scene (yes, he had a scene!) with me, so I will post that later. If you see him, ask him about his shoes getting stolen...
Moving on!
These guys were awesome... I can't imagine being outside in 85+ heat (plus at least 60 percent humidity!)
Just for Ty's little sister :) 

We had dinner at a "drive-in"--the best part? The commercials for really bad old horror movies!! (Yes, Chrissie and Tory, they even had a trailer for the Devil Girl From Mars!!)

Hubba-hubba! You've gotta love the 3-D glasses!
How to find your husband in a crowd after dark: Let him borrow your light-up tiara.

We ended the night watching "Fantasmic," which was AWESOME! I got wet, therefore, freezing cold, but it was very very awesome. If you haven't seen it, think "Fantasia" with real fire, and all on the water. It was a great day!!
Day 4: Back to the Magic Kingdom! The best part of that day was eating dinner at Cinderella's Castle. We even had our "portrait done" with Cinderella herself! The food was amazing--the BEST steak I've ever eaten in my life, and I could probably survive without ever eating red meat, so that's saying a lot for me!

Day 5 was back to the Animal Kingdom, and then Day 6 was......


Some of the characters we met throughout the week:
Yes, I did tell the Red Ranger that I had a crush on him when I was 10...
Lots of fun people, and an amazing week! We had so much fun, and can't wait to go back! (In about 7 years... lol) I know there are more pictures somewhere (where did that bellydancer at the Marrakesh restaurant go?), so if I find them, I'll add more later.

6 Responses so far.

  1. Mom and Dad's Comp won't pull up all the pics quick enough, but the one I saw are so cute!! You'll have to show them to me soon! We are at Mom and Dad's until Monday..

    Love you!

  2. Ann says:

    so, I've got to tell you that your pictures were the ONLY thing today that has made a very sad and sick little girl stop crying for a second!

    And Ashley was VERY gratified to see the proof that you really did see Mickey Mouse. :)

  3. Awwww! You guys look like you had soooo much fun! You guys are totally adorable newlyweds! Can't wait to see the video of Ty's acting skills! Lol. Love you!

  4. Chantile says:

    Ann, when I get home I will try to remember to send all the parade pictures--I think that they girls will like them :)

  5. Chantile says:

    Libby--Oh, just you wait! lol It's definitely worth it!!

    Jessie--I will try to bring all the pictures over this weekend :)

  6. jerolyn says:

    Dude, I am even more jealous tonight than I was last night(i better marry the guy I want to marry, since he served a mission in Florida-:))


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