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Mrs. Mr. Hercules

We're back! Ok, we've been back for 5 days now, but I've been sick since Sunday, and haven't had time to blog much. For anyone who made it to the wedding, thanks so much for being there! It meant so much to us! If you didn't make it, you missed a great party, and Mom did a beautiful job, but life is crazy for everyone, so we understand!

I'm on a break at work, so I don't have any pictures with me. I'll post some later. I think Ann, Libby, and Adam have all posted a few pictures on their blog, though.

Florida was exactly what I was hoping for--warm weather, a chance to act like a complete goofball with Ty, and a week of stress-free living. Now that we're back and real life has kicked back in (in a huge way, but that will have to wait--no, I'm not pregnant. You know that's what you were thinking), I thought I'd post a few of my favorite things about being married so far.

1. Getting to wake up next to the most sexy and amazing man on the planet
2. A permanent cuddle-buddy
3. Both of us arguing with the TV over idiotly-matched "Deadliest Warrior" (A Spartan vs. a Ninja? yeah right. Maybe a Spartan vs. a Samurai... Ann, don't watch the link lol...)
4. A permanent lunch date
5. Waking up in the middle of the night to Mr. Hercules curling his feet around mine while he sleep-sings to me
6. Feeling loved no matter what--even when I burn the brownies :)

Many, many more, but that's my list for today. :)

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  1. kannie says:

    Yes, marriage really is the best!!! Absolutely wonderful. :-) That togetherness and reliance will make your marriage stronger than anything else that assails it, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying it so much!!!

    (And OK, I did start to wonder when you said you'd been sick, LOL... but it'd be a little early to be able to tell that anyway, LOL!)

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL evening with your permanent date!!! :-)

  2. YEAH!!!! I am so happy you are back and happy!!! I miss you!!!!

    Um Yeah We watched the same Deadliest Warrior.... Bleh.

    Love you!

  3. Ann says:

    Hooray!! Nothing better :)

  4. Adam says:

    OMGWTFBBQ I totally love Deadliest Warrior! lol - I think the Ninja totally shoulda kicked trash!


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