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You are loved

I am not good at sitting still.

I can't remember the last time I actually sat in one place for more than 13 seconds unless I was meditating.

So realizing this, you can see how it would be difficult for me to keep my attention on anything for more than 14 seconds.

To keep my said goldfish-span attention on something for a given amount of time, I doodle. I am able to listen to what's going on, often doodling what's being talked about, but at the same time, I keep my 4-year-old wiggles to a minimum.

What I doodled in church this week:

My sweet husband, with a shorter attention span than mine, asked if he could doodle, too. In his defense, he doesn't wiggle. I actually drive him crazy when we watch movies because I can't hold still. 
What Tyson doodled:

I almost disrupted Fast & Testimony meeting when I tried to contain my giggling and snorted.

I love his guts, too :)

2 Responses so far.

  1. That right there my friends is true love!

    Adam doodles all the time to to keep his ADHD under control... You are among friends! :)


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