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We had a very fun party at our apartment on Saturday! Hope your weekend was a safe one!

Mr. Hercules working on his Enterprise pumpkin

our friend Heber helping carve my pumpkin

some very cute bugs! {mr. hercules' half-sisters}a lovely bug catcher {mr. hercules' step-mom}and a kind of creepy exterminator... lol {mr. hercules' dad}

I would have given these two a trophy if I had one!

chrissie and kathy

kathy the sweet lil' bird!

tristine watching Scooby-Doo

chelsie jamming out :)

Landyn the cute frog!

the finished product

do you know who my pumpkin is?

mr. hercules as Wolverine :)
(i think he's cuter than hugh jackman)

i am SO in love with this man
he's been growing his hair and beard out for a couple of months to get it long enough to be wolverine. we cut it all off yesterday, and I have my Captain Awesome back :)

I hope you all had a safe, lovely Halloween!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    I think that they TOTALLY cast the wrong person as Wolverine .:) Looks like it was a terrific time!!

  2. Krista says:

    What a great time!!! :) Awesome pumpkins, and WOW, it took me a minute to recognize your hubby underneath Wolverine!!! :-) Great job to both of you!!! :)


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