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back to california...

we're leaving for California on Saturday. here's a few reasons why I can't wait:

{getting to see this little guy}

{seeing them!}

{and of course this}

To whoever decided to shake up my snowglobe,
and then decided to just keep shaking because it was funny:

I know I told you that I wanted snow. A winter wonderland. Some white stuff, and less blue skies.

You took that and just ran with it, didn'tcha? A little beyond the mark? A little eager to please?


I'll be in California. Away from the freezing temperatures. Away from the heavy snow that made it nearly impossible to get out of apartment the other day. I'll be gone. On a ferry. And at Fisherman's Warf. Maybe even Stanyan Street.

So there.

love, me

4 Responses so far.

  1. jerolyn says:

    I am SO jealous!!! Anywhere on the coast is my favorite place to be(particularly Oregon and Washington). Have tons of fun!!!

  2. :) So happy for you! Pretty bummed I don't get to see you, Captain Awesome, and the little man, but Happy you get to be with his fam :)

    Love you!

  3. Have a wonderful time in the sun!
    We're supposed to get winter weather today--in South Carolina! So rare.

  4. Ann says:'re funny :) have fun in sunny california!!


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