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The beauty of imperfection

Caroline over at Burrow House (an adorable blog that I love!) has made a list of imperfections she has, and I love the idea of not taking yourself too seriously. Besides, "Your thorns are the best part of you" (Marianne Moore), and I believe it!

Here's my list; what's yours?

1. I like to think that if I worry about something, for myself or others, I have nearly God-like power to make everything ok (feel free to comment with whatever you're worrying about, and I'll just take care of that for you!)

2. I kill plants (sad to think I once studied horticulture...) and have killed every fish I've ever owned. Not on purpose. But it happens.

3. I burn frozen pizza and can't make Jell-O. At all. But, I can cook anything else in the world that your stomach desires!

4. I can't sit and read just one book at a time; I have to have about 16 at a time (and, thanks to my B&N gift certificate from Ty, I have 13 new books to enjoy!), but I can tell you exactly what I'm reading and where I'm at in the book without losing track of any characters!

5. I daydream at church.

6. I love painting my nails deep, dark colors (apparently this is a no-no at work)

7. I consider Fruit Roll-Ups to be a perfectly delicious meal some days.

8. I change hair colors/cuts with my mood

9. I overthink every possible situation, until there's days at work where I have to sit under my desk for a moment to regroup and get a new perspective. But I don't really mind, because I like dark, warm, tight spaces. I think it may be a twin thing. When I'm upset at home, I sit on the floor of my closet with the doors closed, or hide underneath my bed, until I feel better. I know I'm almost 27, but it works every time!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    I love all those things about you! :)

  2. kannie says:

    I thought I was the only one who had #3!!! :-) And now I know I'm in great company! :-)


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