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Dear iPod Shuffle,

I know I have avoided you out of love for my Zune for some time now, but I love you. I love how little you are, and that you fit in my pocket.

Sometimes I feel bad when I lose you. Or drop you. Or leave you in the bottom of my purse.

But I love you anyway. :)


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  1. Dear Chantile,

    I love you. I love that you love Ralphie. I love your cute short hair. I love almost playing dress up with you! :)

    Love forever and ever,

  2. Chantile says:

    Dear Libby,

    I love you. I love how happy you make my brother! I love that in thirty-some days we're going to be related!

    I love that we can be silly together and have fun with mustaches and your flashy Miss America dress and almost play dress up! :)

    And I love Ralphie! :) I always wanted a nephew! :)

    Love you forever,

  3. kannie says:

    What a fun post!!! I love it!!! ;-)

  4. Chantile says:

    Dear Kannie,

    I love you! :) I love your blogs! Even if we don't always agree politically, you have a smart, witty voice, and are so informed that often you make me think over my own views again. I love how you dote on your son! I love that we are related (sort of lol)! And I love that you always make me laugh & brighten up my day when I read what you write! :)


  5. kannie says:

    Dear Chantile,

    (I just saw this!) Thank you! :-) I love you, too!!! And I love having you as an in-law-in-law! :-) (You're so generous with your "doting" assessment - if I did less blogging, I'd do more of that, LOL!) You're such a loving person, and I love how you treasure the kiddos in your life! :-) I love your blog, too! It's so great to read honest, smart, deeply-felt, original thoughts. Glad you enjoy the blogs, too; good opposing thoughts are always welcome about issues - help me refine my views! :-) And I'm glad you enjoy the family one; I try to make life entertaining, LOL, so it's good to know that I'm succeeding! And I'm SO happy for you to have found such a wonderful man, especially one who makes *you* so happy!!! :-) Hope you're having a WONDERFUL day! :-)



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