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2008 Blog year in review

I have nothing to do today. I'm getting paid to blog, drink tea, and draw. Good times!

So I'm doing the bloggy rerun for 2008. Here's a summary of my year month by month. I didn't start blogging until April, so it'll be a little short.

Schadenfreude = Dentists and the House of Representatives
April was spent getting wisdom teeth pulled, attending the county convention as a delegate, and having a girls' weekend in Park City.

Reason #462 why I am not a normal human being
May was a good month for movies and books (Indiana Jones and Anderson Cooper's Dispatches from the Edge). Also for probably scaring my mother into thinking I was going to run away and join the Peace Corps or the circus (trust me, I would!). Instead I dyed my blonde hair red. 


A poor wife?
June = Anderson Cooper, dreams of Morocco, and really bad M. Knight horror movies. 

Mommy Oops!
In July Ann, Matt & Co. came out from Ohio for a visit, which was fantastic! I chopped off my hair, got to ride in pretty, fast cars, and you'll find Anderson Cooper again. (Can you see a pattern?)

Don't be fooled by how cute the bear cub is. He's still a minithreat.
August was spent being bored at work, reading political blogs, beginning to enlighten you all with your horoscopes, and beginning an amazing relationship with a wonderful man. (That would be you, Tyson)

All I want is Ty and a taco...
Had a good month in September with Tyson, but work was kind of dragging along. More horoscopes.

Fall; or, How I Spent My Conference Call Time
In October I got to be really good friends with my brother's fiance, Libby (who is the cutest person in the entire world, I'm not kidding! If the world was full of Libbys, there'd never be a sad faced person again!), reestablished a love of Chuck Norris facts, and reveled in the delights of fall.

First Snow
November was an amazing month, probably my best out of the year. I got to meet Tyson's son, Logan, and the three of us went on vacation in California. I got to see the ocean for the very first time, and even though I came home sicker than I'd been all year, it was all worth it (especially when Logan was taking care of me: "Eat cheese. You feel better." Then blueberries, chocolate milk, soda... on the way home from Salt Lake, I was feeling really sick, and he told me when I got home he'd get me a blanket, and I would need to close my eyes. We even practiced lol.) Also had the best Thanksgiving I've had in a long time; Ty and Logan came over, and Ann, Matt & Co. drove down to spend it with us, as well!

Blissful things I can always count on
December was a cold, beautiful month. I strained muscles in my back and busted up my ribs from coughing (and am still in some pain from that, sadly), but got to spend the cold evenings curled up next to the man I love, so it all turned out well anyway. I also found strength in my faith, and that has pulled me through difficult days.  And a lot of icing and a little luck can make for a great gingerbread house.And yes, now I like Star Trek. Don't be shocked. Ok, you should be shocked.

I hope you year was as wonderful as mine!

Book of the Moment: Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (first in "The Wheel of Time" series)
Song of the Moment: "Free" by Priscilla Ahn

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    Hooray! I was meaning to ask that sleigh picture something you actually got to do??? Or is it just a really neat picture? Either way, it's cool! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Chani says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I actually got to ride in a one-horse open sleigh on Christmas Day! :) It's Tory's dad's. Chrissie and Tory are the ones riding in this picture.. you can't really tell lol :) It was really cold, but fun! :)

    Love you too!


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