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A fellow Bunburyist

I got a great surprise from one of my dearest, closest friends last night. I was making dinner for Ty, and my phone rang. I hadn't talked to my friend Dev in awhile, since he's been out of town at school and keeping busy, and I've been busy with married life.

My co-worker called me and asked what my new address was; after I gave it to her, I asked her why she needed it, and she said it wasn't important, she just wanted to know. 10 minutes later, Devan called me and I talked to him for a minute. Then came the knock on the door--any idea who was outside? :)

I haven't seen Devan since before Ty and I went to California last fall. He couldn't make it to my wedding, and I've only talked to him once or twice since then. I blame most of that on my phone (the amazing phone of never-breaking, by the way), having to do a hard reset and losing all of my numbers, but it still made me quite cranky. Ty told Devan before he left last night that if he has to listen to me whine about not being able to talk to Devan again, then he was going to have to do something about it lol

It was so great to see him! I discovered he was out Bunburying as well, and no one really even knew he was in town. We caught up and looked at pictures, talked about movies--everything that we used to do before he moved last year. We used to have weekly lunch dates at the Chinese restaurant (the waitress wasn't very nice to Ty the first couple of times we went together because she thought that I was cheating on Devan lol), and hung out at the mortuary a lot (no, I'm not morbid, Devan worked there), but the lack of Chinese food and coffins notwithstanding, it was just like old times.

Which means he left with books and music. I think it's impossible to be a close friend or loved one of mine and leave a visit from my house without a book or music. I think I gave him about 6 CDs, and have 3 more on my desk for him if he stops by work on his way out of town. After we'd talked for awhile, he said, "I need a favor. You gave me my most favorite book in the world (The Count of Monte Cristo) and now I need another. You know what I need. Find me a book." So off we went to my bookshelves. It took me all of 6 seconds to find the 2 he needed--I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (GREAT book, and I highly recommend it to anyone anywhere), and Dispatches From the Edge by Anderson Cooper. Devan and I are both in love with Anderson Cooper, so I knew he'd love it. (Read here and here for a recap of my Anderson Cooper love)

Before I met Ty and fell hopelessly and divinely in love, Devan and I made the "someday" plans to run away to Morocco and stay there until we were absolutely broke. I have a feeling that he's going to take that trip by himself and send me a postcard a month later telling me where he is.

Ah, the joy of Bunburying!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad you got to see him... I love Devan... Miss him... He makes my heart happy...

    Love you too...


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