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Come what may and love it

"In 1939, during the Mrs. Miniver years, when the English government feared a German invasion, the Ministry of Information had a simple poster prepared that was meant to be distributed should the worst happen. It read simply: Keep Calm and Carry On. Despite living through air raids, the bombing of Britain, the loss a generation of their men to the battlefield, severe rationing from eggs to thread and having to draw a long black line up the back of their legs because of a shortage of stockings, the “worst” actually never happened. A few years ago one of these posters was found in a box of old books. Now nearly 70 years later, may its wisdom warm your heart as it does mine and bring a smile today. Keep calm and carry on. No matter what may happen in the course of a day, remember it’s nothing that you and God can’t handle together. So repeat after me: Keep calm and carry on and keep your Gratitude Journal handy. Join us as we have fun remaking our world, one happy, positive blessing and joyful simplicity at a time. We’re celebrating a new prosperity—one of living and not lack." --Sarah Ban Breathnach

Things I am grateful for today:
*the love of a good man
*clouds that are promising rain
*a warm bed to sleep in
*my job
*a wonderful, loving family

*text messaging
*hot baths
*good music
*long-sleeved shirts

3 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    Thanks Chantile...that was what I needed right then. :) Love ya :)

  2. I love that you are grateful for "the love of a good man" and.... "midol!" haha. You make me laugh! :)


  3. Libby! Hello!! :) Welcome! :) When are you coming down to visit us again? You can bring Joey too, if you want, I guess... LOL just kidding :)


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