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Fun weekend

This weekend was so much fun! While the men-folk were outside working...

(look at the bulging muscles on my man!)

...inside the house, Libby and I were a bit more laid back....

(I think I make a good looking She-Man, don't you?)

We just couldn't understand when Joe & Ty cringed when we wanted to kiss them! But, given that Joe is an Ipson, he soon joined in the fun.

But, I've got to say that this is my most favorite picture:

4 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    What great pictures :)

  2. kannie says:

    Awesome!!! Such a happy weekend! :-) And this is a nice new layout! :-)

  3. Definitely the coolest weekend ever! Oh, and Ty is a lucky guy to have such a good looking She-man as you! ;)

  4. LOL that was a great weekend :)


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