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Oddly Enough...

Fun things on Reuters:

From London comes a story about this senior government official who was punished for leaving secret intelligence files on a train when he was taking them home. How do you suppose that went?

“Is this Lost and Found? I left some files on the 6:40 from Paddington yesterday and I wondered if anybody turned them in? They were in a tan folder, and the cover said, Top-Secret Plans for Invading Pakistan and Toppling the Corrupt Regime.”

“I’m afraid not, sir. Here’s one called Top-Secret Plans for the Normandy Invasion, and another titled Using Opium to Take Over China and Get Rich, but those have been here for some time.”

“I say! May I leave some identification in case they turn up?”

“Of course. Hmm, License to Kill. Jolly good! We don’t get many of those around here, Mr. Seven…”

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sted by: Robert Basler

chopper-net-crop-180.jpgHey, Blog Guy, you give the very best career advice. I especially value your tips on how to know if we’ve made a bad career choice.

Thank you. Here’s something that always works. I call it the triple reality check:

If you’re at work right now, first look down. Do you see the ground hundreds of feet below you? Then look at your hands. Are you clinging for dear life to a swaying fishnet? Next, look up. Is there a hovering chopper?

If you answered yes to these questions, I recommend you get your guidance counselor’s home address and give it to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.



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