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Ode to Income Tax

So I got into an argument via text-message with an ex of mine today about the unconstitutionality of paying income taxes. If you want to get me going on a rant, bring up how you don't want to pay income taxes.

Needless to say, I won that argument. I brought up my little friend, the 16th Amendment, added a little history lesson, and that was that.

(Note to self: stop dating younger men. And Republicans)

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  1. Ann says:

    you're too smart for the younger guys. :) Well, for pretty much any guy :)

  2. LOL Just call me the Amy Gardner of this area! :)

  3. kannie says:

    LOL!!! [okay - this is Ann's oldest sis-in-law, in case you might remember me, LOL...]

    It is so funny to hear (well, read, I guess...) someone else actually talking about this! I tend very much toward the originalist side, though... the stupid thing is constitutional *now*, but there was a good reason it wasn't in the first place, LOL. [Stupid money-hungry bureaucrats... ;-)]

    And I'm amazed you could carry on such a great discussion via text, LOL - I STINK at texting!

    BTW, I agree on the dating resolutions - older guys have a little more "reason" in their heads, in some cases; and staunch, party-oriented Republicans are killing the country now, too ;-).

  4. Welcome, Kannie! Of course I remember you! :) Enjoy my rants!

    Yeah, I'm pretty awesome LOL... At the caucus meeting, I got put in as an election judge, county delegate, and the caucus treasurer.. I think they're trying to keep me busy :) And my kid sister married our representative, who apparently has invited me to help a few days when the next legislative session starts! w00t!

  5. kannie says:

    Oh, definitely! :-) And congrats on working "the system" - being involved is GREAT!!! I wish I had more time, but I have to settle for letters/email/calls, LOL. What an exciting opportunity for you!!! :-) "Lavender-smelling tree-huggers" are very much needed, as patchouli is a little overpowering ;-).


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