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What kind of paradise am I looking for? I've got everything I want, but still I want more

This is an Ani Difranco, "Grey" kind of day. You know, "The sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey. I feel right at home in the stunning monochrome, alone in my way..."

I don't mind these kind of days, though. I enjoy the slower pace. It's finally begun to act like spring the last few days, and then waking up this morning, the clouds rolled over the mountains, obscuring any jagged edges and numbing up the valley a bit.

These kind of days make me want to stay in bed. Not for any new depression that comes with the rain and grey; I just enjoy the softness, the slowness. It makes me want to bake, read poetry and eat warm scones.
Even work is slow today. Our morning appointments cancelled, and my lunch date isn't until 1, so there's not much to do. I've got the big projects out of the way; now it's just auditing and paperwork (w00t). I'm even doing that slowly, because it's not going to take me much longer.

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  1. Ann says:

    yummy!! Those scones look great!! :)

  2. kannie says:

    They sure do! And I think there's something in the air - I mean, aside from just allergens, LOL. Lots of people are really having "scone" days lately... :-). I should dig out that blueberry scone recipe I have somewhere...

  3. kannie, if you've got that blueberry recipe still... email it to me!! :)


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