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"Sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand."

Oh, let me sing the song of the joy of Ann's "Yoga For Yourself" dvd! Not only does it give you balance, strength, a sense of well-being, and the feeling that you're doing wonderful things for yourself, but it comes shipped to you in 2 days! (Oh, and it makes your legs look good, too.)

I have also found that after doing said yoga program, I sleep soundly (which I never do) and have dreams of Paul Newman (that's Cool Hand Luke for those of you who should have the finger of shame pointed at you for not knowing of the greatness of PN.).

But the main question remains: Can you truly achieve a near-Zen state in 23 minutes? I submit that you can! The closest I've come to Zen before this is trying to sit still for 2 minutes in front of the microwave while waiting for my popcorn to pop.

Anyway, it's great. Buy it. You know you want to.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann says:

    LOL :) Thank you!

  2. hey, you helped me dream about Paul Newman--THANK YOU!! lol ;)


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