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Stolen from Kannie :)

3 Joys:

  1. Ty
  2. Warm socks
  3. Good music
3 Fears:
  1. Pigs (Except for Spider-Pig)
  2. not being needed
  3. spiders
3 Obsessions:
  1. Music
  2. Office supplies
  3. chocolate
3 Surprising facts:
  1. I'm terrified of drowning, but I love water
  2. I can be won over with chocolate pudding or tacos
  3. I can predict the weather with surprising accuracy
8 Things I'm passionate about:
  1. human rights
  2. Tyson :)
  3. reading
  4. shoes
  5. cooking
  6. politics
  7. good conversation
  8. naps
8 words or phrases I say often:
  1. Indeed
  2. "Due to your criminal history, we are not able to hire you at this time..."
  3. Dude!
  4. "I know, right?"
  5. Sweet!
  6. Bleh!
  7. Rock On!
  8. Seriously...
8 Things I want to do before I die:
  1. Go to Italy
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Visit Yellowstone
  4. bake a successful quiche
  5. become proficient at knitting/crocheting
  6. get married
  7. be a mom
  8. see the ocean
8 Things I pray for:
  1. patience
  2. hope
  3. endurance
  4. understanding
  5. people I love and care about
  6. peace
  7. a kind heart
  8. compassion towards others
8 Things I've learned:
  1. People are particularly stupid today and I can't talk to anymore of them.
  2. 85% of people really are good natured
  3. "All shall be well"
  4. "Groan and forget it"
  5. A smile can smooth over a tense situation more than a frown
  6. I love myself
  7. Things really aren't as bad as they seem
  8. God doesn't bring you somewhere and then dump you (Thanks Ann!)

One Response so far.

  1. kannie says:

    So cool! :-) I like the "criminal history" phrase, LOL - that is too funny! (Well, sad, actually, but funny that it's said so often... well, that's sad, too, actually, LOL... but you know what I mean, right?)

    And blogging really is quite the relief when you just can't take normal human interaction anymore, LOL! ;-) (Hmm... maybe that tells me something...? {;-) Very fun!


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