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I was able to meet with author Mark Spragg for lunch today with a few of my friends. I went to the book reading/signing last night, which was awesome (I bought 2 books), and today at lunch was able to ask him questions about writing. My biggest problem is allowing myself to relax, write, and not be such a perfectionist. I feel like the people who know me, who know how I write, have such an expectation for how I should be writing, and what they should get, that I stare at the computer screen blankly, suffocating within myself until one good sentence comes out.

So to be able to have someone who's published look at me across the table and tell me that 95% of what we all write is crap anyway (LOL) and that you're looking for that 5% that means something, but you have to write the 95% to get the 5%. But the best advice he gave me was, "Chantile, you're going to have to learn that you are just like every other person. You're concerned that you're being too personal in your writing, but let your ego go. You can still be honest and connect with your audience, because they have had the same thoughts, felt the same emotions. There's nothing you've thought or dreamt that is original. But you can write it in a new way, and in a tangible, tactile way that will make people connect with what you're trying to say." (At least that was the gist of it :) lol)

I wish I could say that I feel inspired to write, and that my writer's block is gone; it's not. But I do feel less scared, and I'm ready to try again.

Biggest compliment of the day--my old English professor (we lovingly call her Professor X), came to lunch with us, and told Mark that my book is "captivating." :)


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