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All I want is Ty and a taco...

I feel very irritated today. I don't want to be at work. I woke up early this morning and enjoyed the stillness--until the cacophony of police sirens and ambulance wails disenchanted that reverie. I should have known it would set the tone of the rest of the day.

I came to work, expecting a good day--it's Friday, payroll day, so it's usually not too bad, just hectic--but to my surprise had a customer banging on the door at 8:01. And wanted somebody signed up. Now. I didn't find myself feeling nice or cheerful, but did my job and got the champion worker they found ready to go. For the first half of the time the employee was here, so was his boss--looming in the corner, staring. Apparently he wasn't aware that I was the Evil Eye staredown champion of 2004. He left after a half hour, and sat in his truck. His diesel truck. With the motor running. It had been running since he got there, before 8:00. He sat out there, letting it run, for a total of an hour and a half. I wanted to smack him with my desk organizer.

Now my co-worker has left to go to the doctor (please let him release her to a full day's work!!!), and my other co-worker is not helping me with payroll, because she is doing an assignment. Convenient. She really is working, but it just leaves everything else for me to do. It gets tiring.

At least it's Friday, right?

Being the office's Project Person gets really old. I wish I could be irresponsible. I think it'd be fun.

EDIT: Maybe I'm just hungry lol

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  1. kannie says:

    Oh MAN - that's a rough start to the day! And it's been a while since I've heard about a "champion"! ;-)

    Hope your day got better and that you got some yummy food!!! :-) (In our family, we call it turning into the Great Pumpkin when we're hungry-cranky, LOL...)

    And boy, it'd be nice to know what it feels like to be blindly irresponsible sometime, LOL... I hear it's bliss ;-).

  2. Ann says:

    Reminds me of working at Clark' coming in at 7:30 on their way to work, thinking that they should be allowed in, even though we didn't open till 9:00. THEN staying there and being late to work so that they could tell me they had stayed and were late. Love it. :) Hope you have a great night with Tyson! :)

  3. Wow, sounds like a day. And not only were you the champion in 2004, you have been the 3 yr champion until this year where you lost me. Sad.


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