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My amazing man

Actually, saying that Ty is amazing is an understatement--he's actually more of a universal phenomenon. He's always so sweet; today he popped in during my lunch break and brought me a gift (SO cute! I'll have to show a picture of one of my presents :) lol). He makes me feel so special.

Last night we took pictures; I totally pirated this off of his Myspace page (although he would call it ninja-ing--sorry babe, but pirates are better!).

Aren't we just adorable?

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  1. kannie says:

    YES!!! And you're SOOO happy :-). I'm so glad things are going so well!!! :-)

  2. Ann says:

    I LOVE that picture! Hooray! I am so happy! :) Love ya!

  3. :D I'm happy, too!! Can you hear me smiling over here?

  4. kannie says:

    I think I can! :-) That's a beautiful smile!!! :-)


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