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I've decided that the world can be a cruel, cruel place.

My weekend started off well enough--watched really old Battlestar Galactica shows with Ty last night, then went to bed early. I thought I'd try to sleep in, seeing how it's Saturday and all, but that didn't happen either. But, since I did go to bed a bit earlier than usual (I was pretty tired!), it wasn't bad waking up at the crack of dawn (and Wal-Mart's usually not so busy then! lol).  The rest of my morning was great--Ty and I have a Saturday morning ritual when he's not working weekends of pretending that we're 4 and meeting for cereal and cartoons. This morning I decided to make us breakfast. I wanted the normal things--bacon, French Toast, bacon, juice, bacon, oranges cut in half and then two cross slices (so you get 4 pieces each half) like Mom always made for our lunch (still my favorite, Mom!)--the normal things you would eat for breakfast.  I asked Ty if he wanted French Toast or pancakes with his bacon and eggs... No. My man, my sweet sweet Tyson, loves Vegamite.  Fortunately I've only had it once, but once was enough. Gross.

There's not a lot to do out here when it's cold, so on weekends when Ty isn't working, we usually have breakfast, then catch up on whatever we have to do at our respective apartments, and then meet up again for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Today was sunny and even a little warm. I felt so excited that spring may finally be coming! I didn't have anything I needed to get done, and neither did he, so we played games, I read my book, and we decided to go to the matinee of "Inkheart." Not a bad movie, it was kind of fun, although if you ask Tyson he will assure you that the theater smelled of wet dog. (It kind of did...)

Back to Ty's for dinner, where we hung out with his dad for awhile, and then we watched another movie.  It started getting late, and Ty has to work tomorrow, so we decided to call it a night and to finish the movie another night.  We said goodnight and I left, only to slip on ice and slide halfway down the cement stairs in front of Ty's apartment. I tried to grab the railing to catch myself, but it was covered in ice, too.  When he saw me start to fall, Ty ran (in his bare feet) to help me... and slipped right next to me. I started to cry a little because I'd smacked my arm pretty hard and I've never handled pain well, and I was a bit embarrassed, so Ty brought me back up inside until I felt a little better. This time when I left, we both made it down the steps ok and without any more slipping.  When I pulled away, I saw my sweet man throwing gobs of salt on the steps. He felt horrible that I fell--his landlord had been here earlier shoveling snow, so we thought she had already salted the steps and the walkway.

Now I'm back at my apartment, and after a hot bath and a little reading, my arm is still pretty sore but I'm sure it will be fine.  If you're reading this, wondering what the point is besides me whining, it's just that I wanted to whine, but also this: I'm mad at Mother Nature for teasing me with the warmer weather, and then covering it all up in ice. That's all. It's a cruel, cruel world, Momma Earth.

Time for bed.

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  1. um... I love you...
    The end..

    Sorry about your arm.. that's rough.. I threw up my fist at mother nature for you...

  2. Adam says:

    Dude - Battlestar Galactica FTW!

    Your vivid description of the slip and fall sounds painful. You must be related to my wife, lol; she broke her ear on an ice auger today, hehe.

  3. kannie says:

    Ouch indeed!!! I sure hope your arm & all feel better soon - stupid ice. Or, as Kiddo would say, "DOOPID ICE!!!"

    I'm not even sure what Vegamite *is*, LOL... but in context, I gather that it's a crushing blow to a bacon lover. (Don't worry; everyone has these "polar opposite" qualities - I figure it's so that our kids have a fair chance at more things, LOL!)

    Hope you're having a happy Sabbath! :-) Love you!

  4. Ann says:

    DOOPID ice indeed! But sweet Ty :) Vegamite is vile, but we still love Ty anyway :) Love ya!

  5. jerolyn says:

    What is it with guys and Vegamite? That stuff is nasty.
    Move to Southern Utah, we never have ice...or snow for that matter!! Oh-well!
    Best time to shop at Wal-mart is at 3 in the morning! :) That's when I go, it's when all the crazies are out and about(I'm not crazy, that's just when I get off work!!)
    Hope your arm is feeling better. :)


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