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Coming home from work is my favorite time of day. Last night, Ty spent about an hour sitting on the couch with me, my feet in his lap, while he let me babble about my day. I have been feeling so grateful for things in my life the past few weeks--grateful for my family, my parents, for Tyson, my job. Grateful for answers to prayers--even though they ABSOLUTELY do not get answered in the way I thought. (Ever heard that Sarah Ban Breathnach quote--Ann, I know you have--"Do you know how to make God laugh? Try telling Him your plans.") But lately I know that I am the most lucky, blessed woman in the world.

I bought Mr. Hercules' ring today.

Only 35 more days :)

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  1. kannie says:

    Very cool!!! :-) And what a snazzy, manly ring it is! I'm counting down with ya!!! :-)

  2. I love love love the ring. Adam does too, he says it's rugged and manly!

    I'm glad things are going better! Love you!


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