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You keep the air in my lungs, floating along as a melody comes...

Lately I've been spending my lunch breaks in the bathtub. I feel like that Yellowcard song, "How I Go" (or like Albert Finney's character in Big Fish)--I feel like I'm going crazy and drying out if I don't spend a certain amount of time in the bathtub every day. I've been known to take a shower + two baths a day. The world is a sane place if you're in water.

Today while I was in the bathtub, I was thinking about all the things I would have told my 10-year-old self if I had met her.  As I thought, I came up with more things my 10-year-old self would tell me if she met me. Looking back, I seemed more fearless, and more of a free-spirited dreamer. Of course, I'm still Ty's free-spirited "Earth Child Little Girl," but I allowed for the possibility that absolutely anything could happen. (Believe me--I'm the girl who wanted to be a violin-playing, volcano-studying, space-exploring, USA-presiding, cake-baking, flower-arranging, greenhouse-growing, astronaut/astronomer/physicist. If you don't believe me, just ask my mom and dad lol)

I think the 10-year-old me would tell me:

Play in the rain. Don't be too afraid of anything (Ty would say including pigs). Watch more funny movies. Don't take yourself too seriously. Play outside more. Chase rainbows. Take your camera everywhere. Remember that God loves you. Love yourself as much as you love everyone else. Remember you're a princess.

I would tell the 10-year-old me:

Not to worry about the sleepless nights, not going to Prom, being called a bookworm. Ignore the accusations about being either bulimic or anorexic (some girls really are just skinny, and sweetheart, you were one of them). Draw and paint to your heart's content. Don't worry so much about what other people think. Realize that you are beautiful and perfect. Keep believing in fairies and fairy tales. Love unconditionally, but chose your friends carefully. Remember that life is beautiful.

But most of all, I'd tell her to remember to close her eyes and breathe deep often.

'Cause baby, it's gonna be great.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Um... I am afraid of pigs too... I think it all goes back to a really awful story Grandma Ipson told us when we were way young....

    If I could tell my ten year old self something, I would say, Shut up! Keep your mouth shut! lol. Love you...

  2. Chantile says:

    I would tell your 10-year-old self, "I love you! You are amazing and beautiful, thoughtful and kind!" :)

  3. Ann says:

    Beautiful post Chantile :)

    For me the jury's still out on pigs, too...darn that story Grandma told us!

  4. Chantile says:

    LOL everyone's saying the same thing about those stupid pigs!!! lol :)

    Ann, I would tell your ten-year-old-self to not be so hard on yourself, that you're a good sister, and that you are beautiful. :) And, to remember in the years to come, that you ARE a good sister, and always nice to let me follow you around and hang on you and your friends :)

  5. Tory says:

    Umm... why does your blog include a picture of knapweed?


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