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You know you're a member of my family when:

... There are more computers that people in the house

... Your little brother calls you up to say that he finished building a converter so that he can play his WII on his computer. (just because he's that smart)

... When your boyfriend starts saying "suckafish!" because he's been around your brother too long.

... When your sister starts calling your boyfriend "Captain Awesome" instead of Ty because she thinks it's funny (Yeah, Ty says "Awesome" a lot, but not that much!)

... When you frequently hear "Yeah right!" or "That's a CAT5 cable! They can't do that with that!..." and other such jargon when watching movies with the men of the family (Dad, Joe, John, Ty, Adam...)

... When your sister refers to you as "a Lorelai" and your boyfriend as "a Luke."

... When every girl in the family has an unnatural fear of pigs because of that stupid story grandma would tell us all the time as children.

... When you need little provocation to light up some fireworks. Just give us a lighter. And, if it's not a holiday or legal, give us the lighter, we'll have a good time anyway :)

... When half of you can rotate your appendages well beyond the normal range.

... When your life could be described as a (maybe less exciting) version of NUMB3RS. Because, while beating at a Coke machine for your soda that's stuck, your little brother begins to explain the reason your soda isn't coming out. When you glare at him, he picks up a phone book as a visual aid and says, "Ok, think of it like this..." (and goes on to explain the inner workings of the Coke machine, asking afterwords, "Do you have paper towel roll and some duct tape? I'll teach you how to pick the lock with it." And no, not so I could steal soda--I wanted to see how it worked, why it was getting jammed every time I wanted root beer, and just to be a more informed person... :) lol  And yes, that conversation did happen. )

I love my family :)

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  1. This was the most amazing post ever! I'm sooooo glad I am a part of this crazy/awesome family! LOL

    Love ya!

  2. AWESOME! That totally made my day. And Ty is Awesome, not just because he says awesome, but because he is awesome, and he's funny, and it's funny. BAM!

    The Lockpick thing crack me up.

    Darn grandma and her pig story!

  3. kannie says:

    That's so cool :-). Just a couple thoughts:

    1) I don't think there can *be* an unnatural fear of pigs, once you realize what they're capable of (and likely to do).
    2) What a rockin' family! Wish I had someone to teach me to pick locks, LOL - like you, just to be an informed citizen, in case I ever really neeeeeeed that knowledge, you know? :-)

    What a wonderful family. :-)

  4. Chantile says:

    Libby--SO glad you're in the family, too! :)

    Kannie--I sent you a lovely "informative" email... Muhahahaha

    (And yes, I have my own lockpicks. My brother made them for me. :) lol)

    Jessie--Ty thinks it's funny that you call him Awesome lol :)


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