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Mrs Mister Hercules

For any who haven't heard yet, Mr. Hercules proposed to me in the middle of a gorgeous blizzard last night!

We took a drive out of town and just up the mountain a little bit to one of my favorite spots. It had been raining, but once we got further up the mountain it turned into a blizzard. We were listening to music ("You Found Me" by The Fray, if you want the specific details--which many apparently do! lol), and then got out of the truck, rolled down the windows with the music still playing, and tried to catch the falling snow on our tongues. After a minute, Ty hugged me and told me he loved me and then got down on one knee, right there in the mud and snow, and asked me to marry him, please.

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Of course I said yes. (I hope he was able to understand me through my sniffling and crying tears of joy)

I tried to take a picture of the ring, but it didn't turn out really well, so here's one I stole from the jeweler's website:

It's titanium with an aquamarine stone. I don't like diamonds, and Ty's not a big fan of them either, so I was really happy with the aquamarine. :)

It was the perfect moment with the perfect man. I can't wait to be his wife!

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  1. kannie says:



    I'm so happy for you! That's really gorgeous, too -

    Oh, my GOSH.

    *happy squeal*

    *misty tears*





  2. Ann says:

    What Krista said. :)

    Okay, so you didn't tell me it was in the SNOW!! What a cutie that guy is. We love him (and you!!)!!!

    Hooray!!!!!!!! :)

  3. jerolyn says:

    I'm so excited for you! I will definitely try to come up for your wedding. You'll have to keep us all informed on the details as you plan. That's the best part!

    Aquamarine is my birthstone, so yeah!

  4. I am so excited for you! That is awesome! The ring is beautiful! I can't wait!


  6. YEAH!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  7. Betsy B says:

    Wahoo!!! Talk about excitement. I haven't even met him or anything, but I've been expecting this post for a while. He seemed like the right guy (apparently he is!);). You two look great together! Congratulations!


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