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Blissful things I can always count on

The kind looking old man who always walks his dog the same time every day, always in the same spot on the sidewalk when I return to work from lunch.

Warm fuzzy socks that make me feel like I'm eight-years-old.

A "Hi baby!" (always "baby," never sweetheart, hun, or any other endearment when we meet up), a kiss, and a hug (always in that order) from Mr. Hercules when I come over.

Whenever I ask my dad for a good book, he'll always give me a Louis L'amour or a Clive Cussler.

Still getting excited whenever I hear the theme to Star Wars when the DVD starts. (You probably can't tell, but Mr. Hercules' tree is Star Wars-themed. :) He's such a stud)

Red lipstick.

Deep conditioning my hair.

That a bad day can always be made better with red shoes.

How great it feels to be taken care of when I'm feeling icky (See the red nose? *coughcough* That would be when I got sick on my vacation. Who gets sick on vacation?! Well, besides Mr. H and myself...)

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion and warm fuzzy socks at bedtime

Hearing my favorite twirling song, "Chicago" by David Berkeley (yes, I'm listening to it right now...).

The luscious color of Tazo Passion tea.

Cute Post-It Notes and office supplies.

A blank sketchpad, and a box of chalk and charcoal.

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  1. I love all those things too! Except the part about Ty and the old guy walking his dog....

    I miss Dad giving me a good book to read!

  2. Ann says:

    thanks for lifting my spirits :)


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