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A good night's sleep

My back hurt me so badly last night, when I went to Mom & Dad's for Sunday dinner, Mom had my try this electronic pulse-thingy; it helped, but after I got back to my apartment and was getting ready for bed, I started coughing again, and crying because I hurt so badly. So into the tub I went, gabbing with my roommate through the shower curtain as she got ready for bed. I soaked away, enjoying the hot, hot, HOT water (how anyone can soak in anything that is barely-less-than-boiling is beyond me!), and texted (is that a word?) Ty for a bit before getting out and going to bed. I'd started to get a migraine earlier, and hadn't been the most jovial or nice (or sane... sorry!) person, and what with the coughing and all, decided to take some Robitussin Nighttime and my migraine pill.

It was a lovely, deep sleep until about 4:30, but after adjusting the covers and clothing, I once again buried myself in my harem of pillows and went to sleep.

I woke up to hear the shower running. This is odd, because my roommate usually gets up so much later than me. I looked over at the clock and was just about sick--7:19 a.m. I have the pleasure of arriving at work at 7:30 a.m. to open up the office. And I live 6 minutes away from work. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the first clothes I found, brushed my teeth, grabbed my makeup case, and ran out the door.

Somehow I managed to make it by 7:35. I think next time I'll just take the cough syrup and if I haven't slept off the migraine, I'll try something in the morning!

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  1. Ann says:

    probably wise, lol! :)


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