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Seven things

I kifed this from the lovely Suse's blog, Pea Soup! I tag anyone who reads :)

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

Visit Tuscany
Bake a souffle
Become a published author
Visit all 50 states
Love every inch of myself
Successfully knit something besides a rug...
Grow my own garden

Seven things I can do:
Twist my legs around backwards
Type 130 wpm
Wrap my legs around my neck
Create a lovely mess in charcoal and chalk
Play Dishwalla and Straylight Run songs on the piano
Recite Pablo Neruda poetry

Seven things I cannot do:
Bake frozen pizza
Eat M&Ms without separating them out evenly into matching colors, and then biting them in half
Watch reality TV
Eat squash
See a zombie on a video game without throwing the control up in the air (sorry Tyson!)

Seven things I find attractive in others:
Kind eyes
A love of music
A warm heart
A nice smile

Seven things I say most often:

I know, right?
You're such a freakin' ninja!
Yes, Logan!
I dunno, whatever you want to watch, babe.

Seven celebrity crushes:
Orlando Bloom (sorry Ty!)
Paul Newman
Mel Gibson
Jared Leto
Rob Thomas
Russell Crowe
Mark Whalberg

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  1. Hadias says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I am now following you as well. BTW, $39.99 for glasses is not too bad. That's about what I paid for my to pair before finding out about Zenni. Through Zenni I reduced my eyeglass cost by $12.


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