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The woe-ful tale of the busted up ribs--flipped

I had a rough night last night--not too much sleep and a dream that made me wake up feeling ornery. Never a good way to start your day, especially when you wake up at 7:13 and need to be at your desk at 7:30! It's a good thing I'm kind of low-maintenance and can get ready fast (and I live 6 minutes from work, literally, so that helps!). Unfortunately, in my eagerness to get out of bed, I forgot that my ribs aren't my friends right now, and as soon as I sat up I lost my breath from the pain.

It's hard to do pretty much anything when you're in that much pain. Washing my hair is a nightmare, forget about tying shoes or wearing boots--it's step-in ballet slipper-esque shoes all the way for me for awhile! And Logan wants me to play, wants me to hold him, wants me to pick him up, wants me to crawl on the floor with cars, wants me to play Xbox... you get the idea. It breaks my heart to tell him I can't right now. He seems to be a somewhat content to lay across my lap when we watch a movie, so that's something.

While I was driving, I thought that I should try to think of some positive things about having busted-up ribs. So here's my list, be it ever-so Chani...

1. I have better posture from the rib-wrapping!
2. Even more bath time! :)
3. I get to watch a lot of movies with Ty and Logan
4. Ty feels bad for me, so I can make him watch LOST with me... Muhahahahaha!
5. I feel entitled to eat ice cream whenever I feel like it, because come on, what doesn't ice cream fix?
6. More crochet time! Because I really can't to much else
7. More reading time! ...because I really can't do much else
8. I'm using my active imagination to pretend I'm wearing a corset... LOL haven't worn one since that short wedding dress modeling stint. Kinda fun! I recommend it! ;)
9. It's a better excuse than saying "I would, but I don't want to..."
10. Snack-Pack pudding. It's God's little way of saying "Everything is going to be ok!"

Ok, so that last one may not fit... but I couldn't think of a tenth thing! Suggestions or substitutions are welcome! :)

5 Responses so far.

  1. so..... what the heck happened to your ribs?! i told joseph to be nice to you last weekend. if he didnt listen to me, i swear..... ;)

  2. I was coughing so hard I busted them up... or tore a muscle or something!! They're pretty sore!!

    Oh, um, I mean, Joe beat me up. We got in a rumble. That sounds tuff, right? lol

  3. kannie says:

    I'm with you on the corset thing - I think they totally get a bad rap nowadays ;-). (Of course, anything to make me look *less* flubby right now is great, IMHO ;-)

    I sure hope your poor ribs heal - no fun at all... but I'm so glad you're making (finding?) the best of it! :-)

  4. kannie says:

    Oh - and what sort of things do you crochet? I didn't know you crocheted! :-)

  5. Chani says:

    My favorite things to crochet are scarves, gloves, eye masks, and the like :)


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