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I'm a winner! :)

So this day did not start out, shall we say, awesome. I was late to work, my back is still giving me fits from being jinked, so I had trouble scraping windows while trying to quickly defrost the rest, Mr. Hercules took his son back to Arizona, and on and on the drama went. I sat down at my desk, logged on for the day, got the office ready, and checked my email. Lo and behold, there was good news waiting for me! And not just good news, but great news!

Liz over at Lovely Little Lovelies, a blog I just adore, told me I had won the stocking she had up for grabs! Yay!! :) Thanks, Liz!!!

This is the stocking I won:

What's awesome is that it's just what I wanted, I never win anything, and the news couldn't have come on a better day! :)

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  1. kannie says:

    Congratulations!!! That's awesome! :-)

  2. i'm so happy that it made your day :)

    i shipped it out on friday, so hopefully it will be in time for christmas! thanks so much for the kind words. now you've made my day!


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