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I always seem to struggle with my moods when it gets to be this time of year, especially if it's just cold and brown, no snow to be found. Or if it's snowed and is sunny. Ugh. I hate that! Grey, gloomy days are my absolute favorite.

Today has been perfect. It started off gloomy and began to get soggy. It's snowed off and on, but hasn't stuck. This hasn't bothered me, because the grey gloom has stuck around. On days like this, or days when I'm struggling with feeling friendly, my favorite thing to do is to read through the list of blogs that I follow that revolve around cozy things, drink some tea, and listen to Priscilla Ahn, Peter Bradley Adams, Eastmountainsouth, Maria Digbie, and others.

Some of my favorite blogs to read, other than those who read my blog, are these:

Fairy Cake Heaven
little bird eats
Posie Gets Cosy
Sugar City Journal
Ankel and Burblets
The Peaceable Walk
The Purl Bee
Warm Heart, Cozy Home

Maybe these will bring you a little joy and comfort, too. :)


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